Kylie Jenner Is Now A Very Confident Woman -- Travis Scott Has A Lot To Do With Her New Outlook

Kylie Jenner Is Now A Very Confident Woman -- Travis Scott Has A Lot To Do With Her New Outlook

By the looks of things, Travis Scott has made Kylie Jenner a very happy and confident woman, and she has managed to move beyond her biggest insecurity -- her thin lips.

In several episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians , Kylie explained that her lips troubled her for many years. Her solution was makeup and eventually filers.

However, over the weekend, Stormi Webster's mom debuted her natural lips, and she looks stunning.

Fans are encouraging Kylie to stay natural to be an excellent example for her daughter.

One woman told Kylie: "She still got some fillers in there, but she needed some she had no lips this LOOKS more natural. She looks completely different now. Damn, she’s beautiful asf. I think learning from some things it helps us raise our kids better especially women raising girls, and men raising boys, #still beautiful."

Another commenter wrote: "It’s very easy to say that when you have never been bullied for having the big lips that u were born with, live in a world where Mac can’t use a black model with natural big lips worn out being bullied for the pic and compared to Jay-Z and then see a white girl get her lips done and win praise and huge sums of money from it in contrast."

This third supporter claimed: "Why isn't anyone congratulating Travis Scott for making her feel comfortable with her natural self? Still a little juicer than her original lips but I love this! I’m digging the fact that she and Michelle downgraded what they enhanced it shows young girls who are thinking about getting surgery that it’s all that it’s cracked up to be and that there can be a downside. Just stick with what you’ve got and worked on what’s inside. Wowwwww she went back natural without all the lip fillers to STILL have people making jokes about her. I swear the internet is evil. People need to grow up. Why make fun of her now ??"

In a recent interview, Kylie said she is happy that Stormi inherited Travis' luscious lips. This little family seems happy

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