Kylie Jenner Is No Longer The Highest Paid Celebrity On Instagram, So Who Stole The Crown?

Kylie Jenner Is No Longer The Highest Paid Celebrity On Instagram, So Who Stole The Crown?
Credit: @KylieJenner

When it comes to making money on Instagram , celebs have a lot of opportunities and get a lot of money for posting sponsored content. If you didn’t know yet, Kylie Jenner was the number one celebrity on Instagram that charged the most for posting sponsored content. Now, she has been dethroned by another celeb.

Who stole Kylie’s crown now? We first thought it’s someone in the beauty industry, but we were wrong!

Celebs and influencers are always asked to post sponsored content, but when it comes to getting paid chunks of money, it all depends on how popular they are. Hopper HQ has a 2020 “Instagram Rich List,” and until last year, Kylie Jenner was at the top of the list.

Each of her sponsored posts is now estimated to make $986,000. With a follower base of 199 million, we think that’s a lot of money Kylie is getting! Also, she gets to promote her own collections, so it’s a bonus for her as well!

Now, waiting for the drum rolls… It’s Dwayne Johnson ! Yes, The Rock just got the crown and he is now paid $1,015,000 per sponsored post!

With 201 million followers, the actor, producer, businessman, and former wrestler is way more popular than the cosmetics mogul. Well, we can all agree that the American-Canadian actor is also a hard-working man and deserves all the love he’s getting in 2020.

Following in third place, we have the Portuguese professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo , with 241 million followers. He is paid $889,000 for each sponsored post.

Two spots under Kylie, her older sis Kim Kardashian gains $858,000 for each sponsored post and has a follower base of 190 million people.


Ariana Grande follows Kim with 204 million followers and is paid $853,000 for each sponsored post, while the 6 th celeb on the 2020 “Instagram Rich List,” is Selena Gomez (195 million followers), who gets $848,000 for a sponsored post.


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