Kylie Jenner Is No Khloe Kardashian When It Comes To Travis Scott's Allegations

Kylie Jenner Is No Khloe Kardashian When It Comes To Travis Scott's Allegations
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Kylie Jenner is no Khloe Kardashian, so do not expect to see her on social media tweeting up a storm about her private life.

While Khloe has been up all night and day posting shady messages about Jordyn Woods who kissed Tristan Thompson; Kylie is staying quiet as she figures out what is going on with Travis Scott.

The founder Kylie Cosmetics blew a fuse after she found evidence on Travis' phone that made her believe that he cheated on her. Kylie has decided to take some time out to save her romance.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Kylie feels strongly that she shouldn’t make any rash decisions right now regarding Travis. Kylie honestly cannot believe all of this is happening right now with her current relationship, Khloe and Jordyn. It’s a lot of emotions all at once, which is why Kylie is really just trying to sort through everything and figure out what’s going on. She just needs time to really sort through her emotions and thoughts, and because Stormi is involved, Kylie wants to do everything she can to make smart decisions.”

The person continued: “Out of all the Kardashian sisters, Kylie is the most private, which is why you won’t be seeing her post things on social media regarding any situations. Kylie feels she needs to do her homework more and really sit and think things through. Kylie loves Travis and the family they created together. She’s truly never been more in love and happier and has expressed to those around her how she has seriously been thinking about baby number two now more than ever, but she is a smart, strong woman who wouldn’t tolerate someone mistreating her.”

The family friend added: “She just wants more information, and she knows it’ll take a bit of time to get it. Kylie knows there have been rumors of hook-ups for a while, especially given Travis’ line of work, but until she’s done all the fact-checking, she’s not jumping to any large or rash decisions. Kylie has always been mature, especially for her age, so she’s really handling this in a classy and smart way.”

Travis has denied the cheating rumors.

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