Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Her Social Circle 'Tight' Following Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson Drama

Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Her Social Circle 'Tight' Following Jordyn Woods/Tristan Thompson Drama
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Kylie Jenner is doing everything in her power to keep her social circle tight-knit these days. Following the media fiasco revolving around Tristan Thompson's affair with Kylie's best friend, Jordyn Woods, Kylie has managed to keep her personal friends very close to her, the few of them there are.

A source who spoke with the aforementioned outlet stated Kylie keeps those in her most intimate circle "very close," and her best friends are very faithful as well as trustworthy.

As it was noted above, Jordyn Woods recently proved she was neither of those things after she was caught kissing Kylie's sister's boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

The insider went on to describe Kylie's emotional state as a bit fragile, as the young reality star and entrepreneur is still reeling from hurt feelings in addition to feelings of disappointment. The anonymous source referred to Kylie's state as "completely shattered" and she felt "conflicted."

Regarding her romance with Travis Scott, there are murmurs on social media that Kylie and Travis are going through some troubles on account of the rapper supposedly cheating. The insider said Kylie confronted Travis about it and was feeling sad, however, she now has complete faith in him.

As fans of the Kar-Jenner know, the relationship between the family is unshakable, as the women - and the men - of the group are very tight-knit and close to each other. These days, especially with the aftermath of the Tristan and Jordyn fiasco, Kylie is even more aware of the importance and significance of family.

Previously, Kylie said on the set of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that the Jordyn predicament needed to happen because Jordyn was acting as her "security blanket."

While the reports about Kylie and her family are very chaotic and one would assume their lives are a nightmare, Kylie and the Kardashian family all have thriving businesses, with Kylie being the most impressive as of late. This past year, she was described as the youngest-ever self-made female billionaire by Forbes Magazine due to the wealth she accrued through Kylie Cosmetics.


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