Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Drake Up At Night With New Photos Where She Is Flaunting Her Massive Assets

Kylie Jenner Is Keeping Drake Up At Night With New Photos Where She Is Flaunting Her Massive Assets
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While Kylie Jenner is not too hot about having her relationship with Drake made public, it seems that the Canadian rapper has other plans.

This week, Drake made it known that he is getting cozy with the billionaire by repping her colors.

Drake made an appearance at MC DaBaby’s Toronto show on December 11 and decided to wear a hoodie from the Sierra Canyon High School, which Kylie and her sister, Kendall Jenner, attended.

Kylie has not reacted to the hoodie\public gesture, but she has been dropping some very sizzling photos that will keep Drake up at night.

Meanwhile, a source close to Drake has been spilling the tea about the romance between the businesswoman and the MC.

A person in the know spoke to Hollywood Life and had the following to say about the situation: “Drake has definitely moved past any type of romantic feelings towards Kylie, and it’s purely platonic between them at this point. While there were absolutely some flirtations going on from Drake towards Kylie a while back. It was all in good fun, and there was nothing really serious that came out of it.”

However, the father of one is walking on egg shelves because he does not want to rattle the businesswoman and their complicated yet bourgeoning romance.

The tipster stated: “Drake would never want to upset Kylie or any of the family that he has known forever, so that is why he wants to cool down any and all of the romance rumors. Drake is not going to make anything uncomfortable with Kylie, and he’d never want to deal with the repercussions if they would become an item and then break up. He’d rather quit pursuing anything while they are still great friends.”

The source went on to reveal the following: “Drake thinks Kylie is hot and they will absolutely hang out again, that is 100 percent. But will it turn into a full-blown relationship? Definitely not! They know what they would be getting into if they decided to take it any further, and it’s safe to say that being flirting friends is the way to go. It makes sense for the people they are and the schedules they have.”

What are your thoughts on the Drake and Kylie romance?

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