Kylie Jenner Is 'Hurt' By Tyga And Jordan Ozuna Rumors - Rapper Is Moving On Too Fast

Kylie Jenner Is 'Hurt' By Tyga And Jordan Ozuna Rumors - Rapper Is Moving On Too Fast

Kylie Jenner dumped Tyga a few weeks ago, and it seems that she is regretting it now.

The 27-year-old rapper was spotted outside of a restaurant in West Hollywood Thursday hugging Jordan Ozuna, an Instagram personality who briefly dated Justin Bieber.

Ozuna was quick to say that they are not dating, but the rumors are still going places. And, it seems they have reached Jenner.

She might have flirted with rappers Meek Mill and Travis Scott, but it is clear that the reality television star is still feeling something for her ex.

Then again, they dated on-and-off for close to three years, and they shared a very awkward hug at the Coachella music festival last weekend.

With the headlines about Tyga reaching out to Jenner's sister, Khloe Kardashian, for help to get her back, the 19-year-old model thought at some point they would be able to put the pieces back together.

However, the addition of Ozuna to the story is making things more complicated, and the star of The Life of Kylie is realizing that their romance might be over for good now.

She is not taking all of this very well. After sharing a "lonely" selfie a few days ago, sources are talking to the media to describe what she is going through.

An insider shared: “Kylie feels like even though it didn’t work out between them what she and Tyga had was special. So it hurts her to see that him with a Kylie lookalike.”

The source revealed in great details: “Kylie doesn’t want to hear about Tyga dating or seeing anyone, especially another woman that looks like her. She is a little sad and disappointed Tyga was spotted with another woman who looks so much like her even though things are over between her and Tyga.”

Some online commenters were quick to say that all of this is phony and is being done for ratings.


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