Kylie Jenner Is Gorgeous In Gucci Slip Dress

Kylie Jenner Is Gorgeous In Gucci Slip Dress
Credit: Source: Kyliex Starx/Instagram

Kylie Jenner shared a new photo to her Instagram account where she stunned with long blonde hair and wore a Gucci slip dress. The photo comes as Kylie and her sister Kendall shared a slew of photos in promotion for their makeup collaboration Kendall x Kylie. Kylie has 182.9 million Instagram followers and the photo of Kylie wearing the Gucci lingerie has gone viral. With more than 7 million likes and over 6,600 comments, fans praised the youngest of the Kardashians/Jenners for her beauty. Kylie looked like a blonde bombshell as she stretched out on the bed and gave the camera a sultry stare.

Kylie wore the GG Silk and Lace Lingerie Dress that retails for approximately $1,800. The silk gown is pink with yellow, lace trim, and features a scalloped edge and spaghetti straps. Kylie captioned the snap with a simple, "She's back," but it is unclear exactly what she is referring to. Kylie could mean her blonde hair, the fact that she is posing in lingerie, or possibly her billionaire status. Fans were shocked when Forbes released an article accusing Kylie and her mother, Kris Jenner of cooking books to pretend that Kylie Jenner was a billionaire when she really wasn't.

One thing that everyone agreed on was that Kylie looked gorgeous as she put her curves full display and posed in the picture. You may see the photo that Kylie Jenner shared with her fans below.

The photo of Kylie went viral and one fan created an edit that is equally going viral. In the edited version, the bed and background have been changed to a dreamy, celestial scene with a sky complete with a  purple and pink sunset, a crescent moon, and iridescent clouds. The background features plenty of glitter and sparkles and the moon is replaced with a pink comforter embellished with glitter and clouds. You may see the edited photo that the Kyliebom Instagram account shared below.

What do you think about Kylie with her bleached blonde hair? Do you like the Guess slip and lace dress?

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