Kylie Jenner Is Featured On Vogue Hong Kong - See Her Covering The Latest Issue

Kylie Jenner Is Featured On Vogue Hong Kong - See Her Covering The Latest Issue
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While haters keep slamming her, Kylie Jenner is getting all the love that she can dream of from her diehard fans who have been by her side since forever. People were really excited to see Kylie being featured in Vogue Hong Kong.

She's wearing a burgundy/maroon dress on the cover and her brunette hair makes her eyes stand out. All in all, she looks amazing just as always!

Her image is screaming strength and more fans agree, and make sure to praise her in the comments.

Someone brought up a past subject and said: 'Kylie we still wanna hear yo part on the Megan situation 🥱'

Another follower posted this message: 'They don’t have anyone else to put on the cover ??' and one follower wrote; 'Go off Kylie 🖤🖤🖤 She is so unproblematic and about hers.'

One hater also brought up the cosmetic interventions that Kylie has and said: 'She’s made of what that dress is made of 💀.'

There were a lot of haters who addressed the same issue, saying that Kylie is made of plastic or that she's using tons of filters in her posts.

Kylie has been making headlines together with her BFF for a while now.

Kylie Jenner  and  Anastasia Karanikolaou  (Stassie Baby) have been twinning since they were pre-teens and they are keeping the tradition going with a series of photos that Kylie shared on Instagram.

Not too long ago, it's been revealed that Kylie and Stassie posed facing the camera with long brown hair flowing past their waists. The photo went viral and had more than 6.7 million likes.

People went crazy with excitement and praised the two gorgeous ladies.


There are still fans who are asking Kylie when and if she plans to be friends again with Jordyn Woods. Some people really miss these two together.

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