Kylie Jenner Is Embarrassed By 'KUWTK' Fight With Sister Kendall Jenner -- Fans Rush To Pick A Team

Kylie Jenner Is Embarrassed By 'KUWTK' Fight With Sister Kendall Jenner -- Fans Rush To Pick A Team
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Kylie Jenner now regrets the big fight that she had with her sister, Kendall Jenner, on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode that aired on Thursday.

The brawl had a lot of people talking on social media after the show aired, and it seems the makeup expert does not like the way things happened.

Please note that a video of the fight scene was not shown, but Kim Kardashian's younger sisters could be heard arguing on the audio.

This all started over a dress that belongs to their sister, Kourtney Kardashian, that the model wanted to borrow, and Kylie supposedly "stole" it.

At the end of the evening, Kylie refused to take Kendall home as planned, and the model ended up telling her sister that she will never speak to her again.

Kendall said that Kylie smacked her, and she did the same. The mother of one then put her heel into her sister's neck, and the model kicked her to get out of the brawl.

Kylie tweeted, "Sister fights like that are never ok!!!," and both siblings retweeted a GIF of them as kids fighting on the same show. Fans are divided about the fight.

One person on Team Kendall wrote, "I’m with Kendall. You definitely don’t know how to act while your drinking alcohol 🍺 Kylie. You on tv where everyone can see what your true colors really are. It’s an ugly look on Kylie to put her hands on Kendall. No cool. Once that happens, it will happen again. I will NEVER buy Kylies cosmetics EVERRR again. If THTS what money 💴 makes you act like towards your sister's image, what else will come in the future. Look at your older sisters how they fight. You are repeating that behavior all over again. I think the only sister that has her head on straight is Khloe. She always saves the day. 🙏🙏"

A second commenter believes the whole thing is fake and added: "I never believe shit these Kardashians say or do I think it's all made up. I think they live 🤔 very boring uninteresting lives, so they make sh8tt up."


Critics are having a hard time believing that things escalated so fast. Moreover, many people agree that KUWTK is no longer as authentic as it used to be.

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