Kylie Jenner Goes Shopping With Baby Stormi In New Videos -- Travis Scott's Ladies Only Had One Goal

Kylie Jenner Goes Shopping With Baby Stormi In New Videos -- Travis Scott's Ladies Only Had One Goal
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Hello Stormi Webster! Kylie Jenner went shopping with her baby daughter in Los Angeles, California.

Kylie did not buy clothes nor shoes with 5-month-old daughter Stormi glued to her hip; the makeup maven bought all the copies of Forbes magazine and GQ featuring herself and her baby daddy, Travis Scott.

The 20-year-old TV personality gave a glimpse of Stormi as she picked up stacks of magazines and rushed back to her car.

So-called fans calling her baby ugly names had forced Kylie to delete all of her photos on social media, and since then, her face is always hidden.

One commenter told Kylie: "Jordyn was with them you can hear her laughing. Did you notice in the right video when Jordyn was about to change camera angles into Stormi, then Kylie immediately made Stormi face another way so that ppl won't see Stormi's face."

Another supporter stated: "Why can't a man be proud of his partners family members especially when Kylie and Kendall are very close? I only yearn for that kind of respect and love in the family."

A critic claimed: "Why is she buying them cause no ones buying them lol her baby daddy is weird."

This supporter clapped back saying: "My goodness are you kidding me right now I know she's smart and successful business wise but relationship wise shes stupid is what I'm saying look up what @travisscott says he talks about @kendalljenner on the GQ magazine even calling her beautiful you can't debate with me that king kylie is stupid for not leaving him after reading that he never spoke about Kylie just Kendall and his upcoming album he only mention Kylie when they asked him about the Kardashian curse silly girl."

A source close to Kylie told Hollywood Life , the couple is thinking about marriage and added: “As far as everyone knows, Kylie and Travis aren’t engaged. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have gotten secretly engaged! He calls her wifey, and she likes to call him daddy. They are majorly in love and committed to each other.”

They have a baby, success; marriage should come next.

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