Kylie Jenner Gets Mommy-Shamed For Posting Steamy Picture With Travis Scott -- Does She Have To Stop Being A Young Woman To Be A Good Mother?

Kylie Jenner Gets Mommy-Shamed For Posting Steamy Picture With Travis Scott -- Does She Have To Stop Being A Young Woman To Be A Good Mother?
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Poor Kylie Jenner, she cannot catch a break from the mommy-shaming figures who roam on social media looking for the tiniest of things to bash her and other mothers.

This weekend, Kylie posted a steamy picture with her boyfriend, Travis Scott kissing while boarding a private jet as they headed to Coachella.

The billionaire was later spotted by fans and paparazzi walking around the music festival with Travis looking happy and in love.

A few mom-shammers were quick to bash Kylie by writing, "Where’s Stormi?" and "You left your daughter home again?"

This time around, several people defended Kylie and said to get off her back.

One commenter said: "The foundation of a baby’s life is the parents bond and love! Get that date weekend on!!! So many parents sacrifice time alone with each other for the idea that babies need 110% of their time. Then by the time the child is in kindergarten, the parents end up divorced, because they have lost a sense of connection and their romance is dead! New parents take note: GO OUT ALONE EVERY OPPORTUNITY POSSIBLE! 🦋❤️"

Another follower stated: "Lmao, best comment!!!! I love this thank you!!! So many people don’t understand this!!! ❤️❤️❤️I love being a momma, but sometimes mommies need mommy time!"

Meanwhile, Kylie is walking on eggshells hoping not to fall on Jordyn Woods while at Coachella.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Jordyn knew that going to Coachella she could run into a lot of people that are not that pleased with her. However, Jordyn wanted to go and have fun. She’s ready to live her life. Jordyn feels terrible about what happened. However, she’s trying to be a mature adult and put her best foot forward with everything.”

The person stated: “She knows she’s a good, kind person who simply made a mistake and truly believes that time will heal everything. She’s surrounding herself with good people and plans to keep to herself as much as possible should she have any awkward run-ins with Kylie’s family or friends, that she can be the bigger person and keep her head held high. She’s not worried.”

The insider added: “She has no plans to approach anyone as she feels they don’t want to speak to her. However, she’s not worried about any awkward interactions. Everyone in this situation is mature and classy.”

Kylie should be able to be a woman an a mother at the same time.

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  • Audra Bradley
    Audra Bradley Apr 15, 2019 1:51 PM PDT

    Kylie enjoy your life i can tell you spend a lot of time with your child parents need a relief too she knows who her parents are trust me enjoy your life as a parent and a significant other the same it takes to get him is the same it takes to keep him✌.

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