Kylie Jenner Flaunts New Diamond Jewelry While Enjoying Some 'Tummy Time' With Stormi - Fans Offer Her Parenting Advice

Kylie Jenner Flaunts New Diamond Jewelry While Enjoying Some 'Tummy Time' With Stormi - Fans Offer Her Parenting Advice
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Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat on July 23 to share a sweet video of her baby Stormi Webster lying next to her while on her stomach. Kylie's hand appeared in the video and Stormi's dark curls seemed to be tied up while she was wearing a white T-shirt.

The mother-daughter's tummy time seemed the best relaxing activity ever. Kylie also showed off some of her new diamond jewelry on the social media site, including a beautiful ring and necklace.

Kylie's fans appreciated what they saw and how caring Kylie has become since she has Stormi. Rumors about a second pregnancy have been floating around the young beauty mogul, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

'enjoy your precious blessing @stormijenner from ❤they grow up so fast, they grow off your lap & on your heart..u have always set & played by your own rules? (dat part) but u also have a very loving & carrying spirit..there are no books on parenting just do the best you can do for your relationship with your daughter so that she grows into a genuine, respectful, loving & caring, respectful young lady. Make sure u tell her about Jesus & his love for her. My mother & I did so many things together, she spoiled me, she told me she loved me, but most importantly she showed me she loved me & set boundaries as Parent to child...' one of her fans wrote in the comments section.

The same follower continued the long advice and told Kylie that 'having a close- loving bond with your daughter is important, that way she will feel at ease as she ages to come & share things with u & not seek advice from elsewhere & outside of her family from ppl who may not necessarily mean her any good (because as u know, she will run into those kinds of people too especially having parents that are in the public eye) she's a doll & remember this if you don't remember anything else, always be* Mother* & not the Friend,trust as she gets older & has her own family 1day, she will respect & appreciate the fact that my mom is who she is, my aunts & uncles, my Father, but as much as they love me, cherish me & spoiled me, I knew not to try dem & just thought I could do whatever. No Parent should want to be their child & or children BFF; set boundaries & the respect will be given back.'

Be truly have faith that Kylie really knows how to raise her baby Stormi and we're positive that she's already the best mom ever!

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