Kylie Jenner Finds Jordyn Woods' Replacement Amid Sister's Latest Cheating Scandal -- The New BFF Is Heather Sanders

Kylie Jenner Finds Jordyn Woods' Replacement Amid Sister's Latest Cheating Scandal -- The New BFF Is Heather Sanders
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Move over Jordyn Woods because Kylie Jenner has found another BFF and her name is Heather Sanders.

Kylie has yet to unfollow Jordyn after she was caught cheating with Khloe Kardashian's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

Kylie and Jordyn, both 21, have been best friends since they were little girls and they even lived in the same house for many years.

Which is why some understand why it is hard for Kylie to delete the dozens of pictures they have together on Instagram.

Kylie has yet to unfollow her former BFF, but she has decided to turn the page.

Kylie and the Sorella Boutique co-founder were pictured as they shopped for expensive jewelry in snowy in Calabasas, California on Thursday afternoon.

Almost every celebrity took to social to talk about the surprise snowfall in Calabasas including Kylie and her pal, Heather.

Meanwhile, a source claimed that Jordyn has been calling the Kardashian sisters, but none of them are answering.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Jordyn has been trying to contact Kylie and Khloe, but the girls have not been taking her calls. Jordyn is trying to make amends for the situation and feels bad. Most importantly, Jordyn wants to repair her friendship with Kylie before making any statement publicly.”

The insider went on to say: “Khloe definitely ended things for good because of the Tristan and Jordyn. They broke up because of Jordyn. Khloe had issues trusting Tristan, she knew he might cheat again, but the fact that it happened with Jordyn hurts the most. While things have been rocky for sometime between them, and many believed, including Jordyn, that Khloe and Tristan had broken up prior to Valentine’s day, this incident ended things for good.”

The family friend added: “Jordyn does not want to talk about it right now. When she is done processing all of her emotions, she will be ready to talk and share her side of the story. There must be a lot she has to share, and a lot of people don’t know about how it all went down.”

Many are still trying to figure out how could have Jordyn gone so far to hurt her BFF's sister.

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