Kylie Jenner Explains How She Lost The Pregnancy Weight - What's Her Secret?

Kylie Jenner Explains How She Lost The Pregnancy Weight - What's Her Secret?
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Kylie Jenner managed to get her pre-pregnancy body back pretty fast, although it may have felt like a long time for her! Either way, she is glad she looks like she used to again.

She apparently gained 40 pounds while expecting baby Stormi and three months after giving birth, she shared her wish to lose about half that weight.

But the reality TV star has confessed before that she is not a fan of working out so how did she manage to get in shape again?

Kylie took to social media yesterday to tell her followers that she is very ‘proud of [her] little stomach.’

During a live IG session, fans were curious to find out how she got her flat tummy back.

That is when the makeup mogul explained that ‘Honestly, it is all about diet for me. I am naturally just a very skinny Kendall, but not like Kendall—she is naturally model status. But, yeah, I always had a flat stomach, but I never felt like it went back to before Stormi until recently.’

‘And I feel like it has a lot to do with my diet. Like, I eat very crazy usually, like whatever I want—pizza, pasta, a lot of dairy, and I kind of cut that out, and have been eating better, and I feel like that is the trick for me, personally.’

The young billionaire also mentioned hearing from people that usually, it takes women about a year to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight, and sure enough, that is pretty much what happened to her too!


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