Kylie Jenner Deleted That Jordyn Woods Picture For A Specific Reason -- It Had Nothing To Do With The Tristan Thompson Scandal

Kylie Jenner Deleted That Jordyn Woods Picture For A Specific Reason -- It Had Nothing To Do With The Tristan Thompson Scandal
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It looks like Kylie Jenner might not be so fond of Jordyn Woods anymore.

Kylie had a picture of herself and her former BFF together as a background on her Twitter account, that has now changed, likely in light of the news about Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating scandal with Jordyn.

Moreover, while Kylie has not made any official comments on the situation herself, many have taken the apparent hint as it seems clear how she feels about Jordyn Woods at this point.

It is still not clear why it took Kylie that long to respond to the situation which went down a couple of months ago, but it is possible that she was confused over what she was supposed to do, and did not want to take any sides immediately.

Moreover, while Kylie is still linked to Jordyn’s account, that does not seem to change the overall situation, which is not a good one.

An insider explained to Hollywood Life : "Kylie completely understands why people would think she deleted the photo with Jordyn because it could be seen as a constant reminder of the hurt she caused, and the loss of her best friend. But in reality, Kylie is focused on her own life and career, and updating the photo had nothing to do with Jordyn. It’s simply something she‘s always done when promoting her products."

The source added: "Kylie hasn’t deleted photos with Jordyn off her Instagram, and is even still following her because she‘s trying her best to stay out of the drama. It had nothing to do with the past, and although Kylie knows every move she makes involving Jordyn is going to be scrutinized, she wishes people would understand that she isn’t surrounding herself in the drama and just wants to move forward."

Some fans of the two celebrities have pointed out that their public appearances together seem to have stopped entirely, even though they were a relatively common occurrence before that.

The scandal has changed a lot in the social circles surrounding Kylie, Jordyn, and Tristan, and it does not look like the situation is going to change anytime soon.

Tristan has reportedly been devastated over the way things went down, but it does not look like Khloe Kardashian is going to change her mind at this point, despite apparently being hopeful about a reunion for a short while in the recent past.

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