Kylie Jenner Covers The Latest Issue Of Forbes - Twitter Users Make Fun Of The News

Kylie Jenner Covers The Latest Issue Of Forbes - Twitter Users Make Fun Of The News
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'Just call Kylie Jenner the $900 million cosmetics queen. At 21, she's set to be the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. Welcome to the era of extreme fame leverage,' Forbes says. Here's how people are receiving the news that Kylie Jenner is now on the cover of Forbes magazine.

'It took Oprah Winfrey more years to appear on the Forbes Magazine as a millionaire, @KylieJenner is the true revelation of the Power of New Media to be precise Social media. This same tool has been taxed in Uganda. #ThisTaxMustGo,' someone tweeted.

'“Sometime later this year, Kylie Jenner will likely take a title that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg once held - youngest ever self-made billionaire.” [email protected]' another person said.

'$900 million under HER name. Can we let go of the Kylie Jenner AINT got no talent narrative? Clearly, making money moves is it,' someone else wrote on Twitter.

'LMAO @Forbes calling @KylieJenner self-made is a joke. coming from a wealthy family that already dominates the fashion and beauty industry doesn't really strike me as self-made, especially when her products are so trash she literally couldn't sell them without her family's fame,' another person laughed.

'People talking sh*t about @KylieJenner being on Forbes, but all of you fail to understand she actually loves what she does and she sells the crap out of her makeup by using it on herself you can see how much she love her own product! Congratulations Kylie!!! #BillionaireGirlsClub,' one commenter said, defending Kylie.

'I feel like saying Kylie is a self-made billionaire is in fact just confirming that all Kardashians/Jenners are just a hive mind and identify as one person. Or does Forbes just not understand what self-made means,' someone else believes.

'“ the era of EXTREME FAME LEVERAGE”not sure that this is a compliment on Forbes end. Maybe just a lesson that if you want to be a “self-made” billionaire, you must have extreme fame and money, to begin with. Lucky yes. Self-made In The same way Donald Trump is,' one person wrote.

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