Kylie Jenner Causes Engagement Rumors Once Again Due To Ring On Her Finger

Kylie Jenner Causes Engagement Rumors Once Again Due To Ring On Her Finger
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Kylie Jenner has sparked curiosity among her massive fanbase after she was spotted wearing a shiny ring on her ring finger once again. Following the birth of her child with Travis Scott, Stormi Webster, her loyal fans have been wondering if an engagement was on its way.

It was this past Saturday when the rumors first began again, following her post on Instagram in which she was clearly wearing a ring on her finger that typically signifies an engagement or marriage.

One person wrote, "there's a ring right there." And another individual responded, "an engagement ring? Could it really be true this time?" In an interview with Rolling Stone published in December, the rapper hinted at the possibility of a future coming-together-of-souls.

He added, "I just gotta study up - I gotta propose in a fire way." At a jewelry store in Calabasas, California, the pair was spotted in August, and fans once again wondered if they were on their way to marriage - or at the very least, an engagement.

A source who spoke with E! Online said that she and Travis had bought several items, but among them was not an engagement ring, or a wedding ring, or anything of that sort. It appears as though fans will have to continue waiting.

As it was noted in passing above, Kylie and Travis have sparked engagement rumors on a number of different occasions, with the most recent being this incident, as well as the one back in November, when she posted a SnapChat video of herself wearing a large ring on her finger.

And a year before her split with Tyga in 2017, it was rumored that she and Tyga were getting engaged as well. In July of 2016, on Instagram, the star waved her ring finger around with a giant piece of jewelry on it.

However, sources close to the makeup vixen told E! News they weren't engaged. One year later, in September, Kylie said that it wasn't an engagement ring, but a "promise ring."

Interestingly, since she split with Tyga, his name has rarely been mentioned in the media, with the exception of his tax problems and other similar issues. However, when he appeared on The Breakfast Club , the star insinuated he may have played a role in convincing her to create the business she has today.

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