Kylie Jenner Brings Back Baby Stormi Webster To Instagram -- Travis Scott's Child Hits Beautiful Hair Milestone In New Photo

Kylie Jenner Brings Back Baby Stormi Webster To Instagram -- Travis Scott's Child Hits Beautiful Hair Milestone In New Photo
Credit: Instagram

Baby Stormi Webster is blooming and her mother, Kylie Jenner, had a change of mind and is now sharing her photos on social media again.

The daughter of rapper Travis Scott's hair is growing very fast, and Kylie was eager to show the world her first adorable ponytail.

The makeup maven posted a picture where she is flaunting her abs while holding Stormi who is wearing a cute $180 Burberry dress and matching pants.

In the sweet picture, Kylie is lovingly caressing her daughter's hair.

One fan reacted to the picture by saying that it is time to stop focusing on Stormi's skin tone.

The supporter had the following to say: "Just because her dads black doesn’t mean she’ll get dark skin my darks dark as dark black and my mums half cast and I’m light as hell. Are you worried about Serena Williams baby too? You should concentrate on how to better your life and family rather than saying bitter things about a woman you and your generation can never be like. You are the reason why they call black women bitter."

Another commenter wrote: "Absolutely beautiful n gorgeous n beautiful n flawless n every way inside n out this is also way too cute n precious...Stormie is a dream!! Love u so much, Kylie...!!"

This third follower stated: "The last pic we saw of Stormi she had curly hair, big eyes, and full lips and nose. Cut this nonsense out. The curly hair off the top let’s you know she’s not the product of an Asian man. You don’t, because if you would be aware of how genetics work, you’d know that it’s entirely possible for this to happen. It works the other way around too. Do you know how often a light skin person can give birth to a darker skinned baby? Even if both the parents are light skinned or even one of them is white? Please stop."

A boatload of mean comments about Stormi's biological father being Kylie's former bodyguard had forced her to delete all her photos from Instagram.

Fans are happy to see the cutie back on social media.

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  • Vira
    Vira Jul 21, 2018 1:23 AM PDT

    My family is Irish, French and Spanish. We all have very white skin. My sister however has very dark curly, kinky hair. But she looks just like my mom except that one feature. We did an ancestry test. She shows from Mali in Africa while none of the rest of us do. Any trait or gene can appear anytime in a family.

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