Kylie Jenner Blows Fans' Minds With Footage From Stormi Webster's Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner Blows Fans' Minds With Footage From Stormi Webster's Birthday Party
Credit: BET

Kylie Jenner impressed her fans with some footage that she shared on her social media account from Stormi Webster's birthday party. Check out the clips below.

Kylie's clips triggered a debate in the comments with some people saying that this is just too much. Other fans said that it's great to be able to throw such a massive party for their kids.

A follower said: 'How amazing 😍😩 must be nice to have money like that,' and someone else posted this: 'Say what y’all want, but I love how they ALWAYS go hard for their kids!'

One other follower posted this: 'I just want to be invited to at least one Kardashian party,' and another fan said: 'This is so excessive and obscene and tacky and ridiculous and I’d definitely do it all for my seed if I had the money.'

A commenter said that 'if I were rich, I would give my child the best birthday too. so as she should,' and one other Instagrammere believes that this is just too much: 'The baby is two years old this is entirely too much, let that child have a regular life.'

Someone else said: 'If I can’t throw my kids' birthday party like this, why do I have kids,' and another follower posted this: 'I bet I had more fun with my burnt grilled hotdogs, cake, chips and ice cream.'

A commenter posted, 'Their family need to win an award for best kiddie party’s or something,' and one other fan said: 'she just be spending her money like crazy bc she knows it comes right back.'

Another follower wrote: 'Wait, am I tripping or is this the same party theme she had last year?' and someone else defended the parents and said: 'Hate all you want, but it’s a blessing to be able to do all this for your children. If you could, you probably would too.'

Do you think that Kylie went too far with such a party for Stormi?

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