Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott's Daughter, Stormi Sings 'Happy Birthday' To Her Mom

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott's Daughter, Stormi Sings 'Happy Birthday' To Her Mom
Credit: BET

Kylie Jenner is celebrating her birthday together with her family and friends. In a recent video, Stormi Webster is singing Happy Birthday to her mom, and this clip will definitely make your day.

Someone commented: 'I really wish @kyliejenner & @jordynwoods could rehash their friendship. Shiii happens and no1 is perfect. But they love each other! 🤷🏽‍♂️'

Another follower said: 'Kylie is the youngest but maturest of the family. Blessings queen✨' and someone else posted: 'Idc what y'all say she takes care of her baby and gets her bag 😍❤️'

A fan praised Ky and said: 'Kylie is strongggg bcuz after she said “Mommy” I would’ve burst into tears😭'

A follower posted: 'Her and Kourtney are literally the only sisters I see any type of maternal energy from. It’s like the rest had kids as fashion accessories.'

Someone addressed the haters and said: 'How some of ya find a way to hate on a child and mother singing happy birthday... I pray I'm never that miserable!!'

Kylie’s family also wished the young beauty mogul a happy birthday with various posts on their social media accounts.

Here’s Travis Scott’s message below.

‘Happy Bday Wifey every day I watch u grow more into this amazing superhuman every day is the best the day with u here may God continue shine on you. Happy fcking Bday love ya !!!’ he captioned his post.

The young beauty mogul is living her best life with her family these days.

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