Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Spotted Holding Hands At Coachella

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Spotted Holding Hands At Coachella
Source: Heavy

A woman like Kylie Jenner can’t stay single for too long! The 21-years old celebrity TV star was spotted on Friday, at Coachella, holding hands with her new - apparently - boyfriend, rapper Travis Scott.

Yes, it seems that Kylie moved on past Tyga pretty fast. After a lovely last weekend at the music festival without her now ex-boyfriend, Jenner returned to Coachella, but this time the beautiful model had a big surprise for all of us.

A fan captured on camera a girl who looks a lot like Kylie, holding hands with a guy you can swear to be the 24-year-old rapper, having dreadlocks and all.

Rocking short, dark hair, just like Kylie, the girl in the clip was dressed in a white crop top and black sweatpants, and held onto her man’s hand, trying to find their way through the crowd at Coachella.

Sure, you can argue there are a lot of girls that wear their hair like that, but we’re pretty confident we don’t need to see an eye doctor, especially when other fans noticed the couple as well.

Two of them even tweeted that the two celebrities were getting pretty cozy in front of them.

Jenner and Scott were surprised this month, leaving an event together, sparking rumors that there may be something going on between them.

They met up again last weekend at Coachella, and after this clip, we can say for sure that Tyga will not take the news of this rumored relationship too well.

Although some of his friends have stated that the rapper wants to be back with Kylie, the 27-years old singer was spotted out on a dinner date with former Hooters waitress Jordan Ozuna, on Friday. So what’s going on?

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