Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott At War Over Baby Names!

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott At War Over Baby Names!
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According to new reports, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are now feuding over baby names, as if they needed any more reasons to fight! One insider close to the Kardashian clan revealed that the two just cannot agree on one moniker!

That being said, we have also learned that Kylie has picked already and has no intention of compromising for the sake of her baby daddy.

Is this the last straw that finally breaks them up?

‘Travis and Kylie have been at war over their baby’s name. They both have strong opinions about the name of their child, but Kylie refuses to compromise with Travis at all. She has a few names picked out, and she’s being stubborn with Travis who doesn’t agree with any of her choices,’ our source claimed.

Meanwhile, ‘Travis has his own thoughts on what the name should be and what it might represent, but Kylie does not want to listen to him. She’s set on this one of her choices and will not give in at all. The naming issue’s making Travis upset and even pushing him away.’

Oh no! It really sounds like this might be the end of their relationship!

As fans probably know, it has been reported that the makeup mogul and her rapper lover have been fighting non-stop lately.

In order to avoid the conflicts, Travis decided to take on some gigs just to get away from Kylie.

‘Travis was in Las Vegas on January 23 as a guest performer, and before the trip, he and Kylie had a massive fight about hooking up with other women and embarrassing her,’ another source previously claimed.

They went on to say that ‘The tension got so thick that Travis decided to take yet another guest performance gig on short notice on January 25 right in her hometown of Los Angeles.’


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