Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Corsets — Who Wore It Best?

Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Corsets — Who Wore It Best?
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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian both wore corsets and now fans are asking who wore it best? There's no question that Kim Kardashian is one of Kylie Jenner's fashion role models and Kylie has spoken out about emulating her older sister. It was no surprise to fans when shortly after Kim Kardashian posted a throwback photo of herself wearing a Mr. Pearl corset (it was a replica of the one she wore at the Met Ball) that Kylie would follow with a corset photo of her own. At this point, it's unclear who the maker of Kylie Jenner's corset is but fans are still comparing the two looks. Kim's corset has proved to be controversial due to the fact that her waist was cinched so tight she looked as if it was about 12 inches!  Some are saying Kim Kardashian is setting unrealistic body standards for young, impressionable girls but that hasn't deterred Kim.

She still has her corset video on her official Instagram account where she has 177.7 million followers. You may see Kim's post along with her video where she shows off her Mr. Pearl corset below.

"Just found this in my phone from my special trip to London last year to meet w Mr. Pearl. I wore a corset like this for the Met Ball for my @manfredthierrymugler Camp look but the corset was misplaced that night 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I want it so badly preserved for my archive that I flew to London to have another made. We also might have started making a few more costumes including my special 40th bday staging. Can’t wait to show you the video LOOKSSSS we’ve been cooking up ✨ ✨"

Several days following Kim Kardashian's video, Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself wearing a corset. Kylie wore a long, light brown wig that she wore brushed to the side in long, loose waves. You may see the look below.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian's and Kylie Jenner's corset styles? Who do you think wore it best?

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  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson Jul 2, 2020 4:39 PM PDT

    EVERYONE knows Kylie wins hands down!! Kims hey day has come and gone, Kylie has her beat in every single way!!! She is even sweeter than Kim is too and waaaaay more charitable too!!!! I have never heard of Kim putting her money where her mouth is and doing something good fore this world. But Kylie has supported and continues to support many charities. Kylie wins in every contest there is against Kim.

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