Kylie Jenner And Her BFF, Stassie Are Twerking For The 'Gram, Wearing Only Swimsuits And Leaving Fans Drooling

Kylie Jenner And Her BFF, Stassie Are Twerking For The 'Gram, Wearing Only Swimsuits And Leaving Fans Drooling
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Kylie Jenner visited her BFF during the quarantine, and some fans bashed Stormi Webster's mom for going to check out on Stassie during these social distancing times. Check out the clip that Stassie shared on social media and which managed to leave the ladies' fans in awe!

Just the other day, Kylie shared some clips featuring herself in the morning while showing off a fresh face and new blonde hair.

People loved her freckles and her natural look, but some people also said that s omething feels a bit off.

Check out the videos shared by Stassie!


A follower said: 'Plastic or not Kylie looks so cute 😍' and someone wrote that Kylie is 'throwing it back,' and another commenter hopped in the comments to say this: 'y’all stop trying to give everybody a point I’ve seen backs move too.. that’s not dancing or “throwing it back” at all'

One other commenter posted this: 'Oh, she is back to seasoning again! She was walking around barefoot with no makeup in her natural trailer park habitat not too long ago.'

There were all kinds of haters who hopped in the comments to shade the ladies but fans defended them.

A follower said: 'Reading the comments it seems a lot of women hate Kylie while the men are saying stop hating. There's a reason black women hate this girl. She's loved by our men for a body she bought with her white privilege. We feel its unfair and therefore we hate her for it. Simple as that.'

Someone else posted this: 'These two ladies look like they are loving life and having fun. Who cares what color or race they are. So many people are so worried about the wrong things to be happy for other people and live your own life. I’m pretty sure if you could afford whatever she decided to do with her body and whatever she decided not to do you would do. The fact of the matter is you don’t know so stop assuming because it just makes you look jealous. Be better than the next!!'

What do you think about Kylie and Stassie's moves?

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