Kylie Jenner And Baby Daddy Travis Scott Have Been Asking Themselves These Tough Questions After Reuniting

Kylie Jenner And Baby Daddy Travis Scott Have Been Asking Themselves These Tough Questions After Reuniting
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Many fans have been asking what is going on between Kylie Jenner and her baby, daddy Travis Scott? It has been revealed that the parents of baby Stormi have been asking themselves that same question.

According to several adorable videos that surfaced online, the former couple reunited to celebrate Easter together as a family with their daughter, Stormi Webster, at Kris Jenner‘s Palm Springs estate.

A source told Hollywood Life after the fun-filled gatherings, Kylie and the rapper started wondering what their next steps will be and how do they advance with their relationship?

The person in the know said: “Kylie and Travis are still in the same space they have been in for the last few months. Trying to figure out co-parenting and trying to see if there is anything more there for them both romantically. It is a slippery slope, and every day provides a different turn in the story. It seems some days they want to be friends and parents, and the next day they want to be more. They don’t know really how much they want to take things and are dealing with the process day in and day out.”

The tipster went on to explain: “Kylie and Travis get along great and will always make co-parenting Stormi their number one priority. Neither one of them has any idea what the future holds in terms of things romantically, but they’re ok with that. They have nothing but respect for each other and will always be in each other’s lives no matter what. They’re both mature enough to handle a respectful co-parenting relationship for Stormi, and that’s what is most important. They trust that everything else will fall into place.”

A source close to the Texan rapper had this to say about the matter: “Travis isn’t quarantined with Kylie and Stormi, but after he self-isolated by himself for a few weeks to make sure it was safe to see his daughter, he has stopped by to check in on them every so often.”

The pal claimed: “He hasn’t been staying over there all the time but makes sure he gets to spend quality time with his daughter because he’s not sure how long this stay at home order will last. Travis has only spent time with a few people in his innermost circle who he knows for sure haven’t been exposed because he is still focused on making music, and even then, he makes sure to take all necessary precautions, he practices social distancing whenever possible. His family comes first, and co-parenting Stormi with Kylie is his number one priority right now.”

It still not clear if the two parents are still on the same page.

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