Kylie And Kris Jenner Break Down In Tears On Peru Charity Trip

Kylie And Kris Jenner Break Down In Tears On Peru Charity Trip
Source: E! Entertainment Television LLC

Kylie and her mother Kris Jenner broke down in tears when they visited Peru on a charity trip. The emotional moment was captured on video and will air on the E! television program Life of Kylie . This isn't the first time viewers will get a candid look at Kylie Jenner. In last week's episode, Kylie revealed she has a fear of butterflies .

Kris Jenner and Kylie visited Peru after Kylie contributed to charity proceeds from her Kylie Cosmetics line to Smile Train. The two were choked up and in tears when they saw firsthand how much impact the contributions had made. Smile Train performs surgeries on children with cleft palates.

Smile Train isn't the only charity that Kylie works with. She also recently shared a post on Instagram thanking those who helped her raise funds for Teen Cancer America.

On Sunday's episode of Life of Kylie , Kris and Kylie Jenner visit the hospital where the reparative surgeries are performed. The pair was greeted by a large crew while the cameras rolled. They took a tour of the facilities before visiting the operation room. Kylie's best friend Jordyn accompanied them on the visit.

While on the tour, they saw many Peruvian babies and toddlers who had the surgery and the results were amazing. The children beamed radiant smiles and the realization that Kylie made it happen was almost too much for the mother and daughter to handle.

Kylie stated it was amazing to know that the money she had donated to Smile Train was working and changing lives. Kylie also expressed feeling heartbroken over the people and children who couldn't get help because they simply didn't have the resources needed.

Kylie and Kris then wore hairnets as they visited three-month old Mia who was waiting for her surgery. It was announced that Kylie had helped over 1300 children receive surgery and in that past weekend, 34 children were helped.

Kylie Jenner has proved that she has a very generous heart due to her charitable work with both Smile Train and Teen Cancer America.

Not only has Kylie given money to both organizations, but she took time out of her schedule to visit the hospital, staff that performs the surgeries, and spent time with patients and their families.


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