Kyle Richards Thinks She And Lisa Vanderpump Will Be Friends Again

Kyle Richards Thinks She And Lisa Vanderpump Will Be Friends Again
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Despite their feud at this point in their lives, Kyle Richards revealed that she is hopeful that one day, her friendship with RHOBH co-star Lisa Vanderpump would be fixed. As fans of the show know, Lisa has been rumored to be ignoring the entire cast and that she might be quitting after this season.

But even though she allegedly refused to shoot any scenes with the other Housewives and even skipped important milestones in their lives, Kyle tells HollywoodLife that she hopes Lisa will be back in season 10 as well!

‘I don't want to see her walk away. I feel as if we can work through anything. We care about each other, we are friends. I do not think any relationship's beyond repair in life. There is always repair — Room for repair,’ the woman, who used to be Lisa’s close friend, shared with the outlet.

But when a site reporter told Lisa at her Dogs Gala two weeks ago that Kyle had previously told them she misses her friend, Lisa urged Kyle to ‘show, not tell’ her!

Speaking of her annual Vanderpump Dogs Gala, none of her RHOBH co-stars was in attendance, not even Kyle who had always been in the past.

While on the talk a couple of days ago, Lisa admitted she was disappointed no one showed up.

However, despite previous reports that all Housewives got formal invites to the event, Kyle told the outlet that was not the case.

‘I just heard that she was disappointed we were not there, but in years past, we were invited and this year only 2 cast members were invited — Denise and Camille were invited. I think we were not – I don’t know,’ she said during the interview.

She went on to assure them that she would’ve been there to support the wonderful foundation if invited but did not want to go ‘somewhere where I didn’t think I’d feel welcome.’


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