Kyle Richards Says Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump Is Not Just 'About The Dog' But A Years-Long 'Pattern!'

Kyle Richards Says Her Feud With Lisa Vanderpump Is Not Just 'About The Dog' But A Years-Long 'Pattern!'
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As it seems, the whole Puppygate drama was nothing more than the tip of the iceberg! This is what Kyle Richards thinks about the Lisa Vanderpump feud.

Apparently, the RHOBH star blames their fallout on a ‘pattern.’

She also got into more detail about the explosive scene at Villa Rosa that pretty much ended their friendship.

Kyle was on the Jenny McCarthy’s podcast today and that is when she explained that ‘It was about years of this sort of like, setting things up and the truth is — I said this at the reunion, which I’m not supposed to say…you know, if it had been Lisa Rinna, I could almost understand it because they don’t like each other. They’ve had issues. But this is supposed to be one of her best friends…It wasn’t about the dog, it was just a pattern.’

As for that ‘uncomfortable’ scene at Villa Rosa, Kyle told the host that ‘I did not think it’d be friendship ending because I had the same conversation with her In the Bahamas, where I said, ‘Listen, I think you should just come out and say, ‘I’m sorry this happened.’’

In the end, Kyle still insists that he hasn’t stopped caring about Lisa.

As you know, the latter not only skipped the reunion taping but she is off the show for good following a season filled with drama and during which all her castmates turned against her.

Furthermore, despite still caring for LVP, Richards can’t help but criticize the way Lisa dealt with the whole dog debacle, saying: ‘When I walked into Vanderpump Dogs and that dog was brought out to me, like ‘Look who we have,’ I knew immediately what was going on. And to me, you just don’t do that. That’s your friend and you already had a conversation.’


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