Kyle Richards Responds To Garcelle Beauvais' Shady Comments About Her

Kyle Richards Responds To Garcelle Beauvais' Shady Comments About Her
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While on ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Garcelle Beauvais dissed Kyle Richards and now, she is clapping back! While on Maria Menounos’ podcast, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG responded to the ‘not so nice things’ that Garcelle previously said about her.

As it turns out, Kyle ‘had no issues’ with Garcelle the whole season but her latest comments about her that were made earlier this month really upset her.

You might know that while she was on Watch What Happens Live she did not hesitate to shade Kyle, saying that she had ‘the biggest ego.’

Finally, while on Better Together with Maria Menouno yesterday, Kyle discussed the drama on RHOBH the last season, talked about the pandemic, and also addressed the comment Garcelle made about her.

She made it very clear that she was shocked to hear what Garcelle had to say about her.

‘Then Garcelle, who I had no issue with all season, she went on Watch What Happens Live and said not nice things about me,’ she told the host.

She went on to explain that her experience on the show has taught her how to handle such things: ‘I’m always skeptical when someone is nice to you and then goes and says something else. If I have an issue with someone, then I say it, because that’s what our job is on the show is to be honest. Whenever someone is one way to my face and another way in an interview, then I’m like OK [waves bye]. I know what I’m dealing with now.’

During the interview, she mentioned that Garcelle’s shade has really caused Kyle’s usually warm feelings towards her to grow cold.

Later on during the podcast chat, they were discussing the coronavirus outbreak when the host wondered who Kyle would rather be in quarantine with out of the Housewives.

‘Garcelle, after her comments on Watch What Happens Live,’ Kyle shadily responded.


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