Kyle Richards On Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump Refusing To Shoot For RHOBH!

Kyle Richards On Co-Star Lisa Vanderpump Refusing To Shoot For RHOBH!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ upcoming season is being taped, and Kyle Richards has already promised that it’s going to be ‘unpredictable.’ Fans of the show are waiting to see how things will unfold considering there have been rumors that Lisa Vanderpump is refusing to film because of some supposed drama with pretty much all of the other ladies!

During an interview with ET, Richards addressed the rumors of what may have happened saying: ‘I mean, well... that is a question you have to ask her!’

‘All l I know is that I love Lisa. We have been friends for many years.  We are the two last originals left from the cast, and I really love her. If she needs to take time to step away for whatever reason, all I know is, we have all reached out to her. We have all included her. We have all wanted her to be there and included. The ball is in her court. It is up to her,’ she went on to say.

As those who keep up with the cast know, Lisa has already skipped on some group events, and that includes Camille Grammer’s wedding as well as Richards’ Halloween bash!

But when social media users demand explanations for why she’s nowhere to be seen in pics from those events, her co-stars, including Richards but also Lisa Rinna usually slam those commenters.

Richards explained why they do that: ‘Because everything's wrong! And there are stories about, that we have not invited her, that we haven't included her. That is not true! She has been included, invited to everything. So, we are like, no. No, that is not what's happening here. So, you feel the need to just defend yourself when you see stories or comments like that. People, where are they getting this from?! That is not true. That did not happen. Sometimes we cannot resist clapping back, what can I say?’


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