Kyle Richards - Inside Her Reactiom To Lisa Vanderpump Blocking Her Number

Kyle Richards - Inside Her Reactiom To Lisa Vanderpump Blocking Her Number
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As fans of RHOBH know, amid their drama, Lisa Vanderpump proceeded to block Kyle Richards’ phone number and the latter was both ‘shocked’ and ‘confused’ to find that out. This is what a new insider report says about Kyle’s reaction.

That being said, one source tells HollywoodLife that, after Lisa announced she’d blocked Kyle on her blog, ‘Kyle [Richards] is confused and surprised by Lisa Vanderpump blocking her number.’

Not only that but LVP also shared that she blocked her co-star soon after their fight on the show and after receiving a birthday text, so it makes sense that she was confused.

Lisa explained in her blog post that the birthday wish felt insincere after what had happened between them and especially since she made it clear that she did not want to celebrate her birthday so soon after losing her brother.

As a result, she simply pressed the ‘block’ button!

The insider went on to share that ‘Kyle truly feels that all she tried to do was talk to Lisa and help her, and Lisa turned it around on her. She's still confused as to why Lisa threw her out of her home and blocked her number. Kyle thinks Lisa has no right to be mad at her since she did nothing wrong, but try to help her.’

‘She feels like blocking her was unnecessary and ridiculous and is just one of the many reasons why she cannot ever see herself being friends with Lisa again. Kyle was sincere when she reached out on her birthday and she feels like Lisa is very hard on her and always has to find fault in everything she does, no matter what.’

Supposedly, Lisa has been telling everyone that she is done with Kyle for good which saddens her.

However, at this point, there’s no changing her mind.


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  • Laura
    Laura Apr 18, 2019 8:58 PM PDT

    Kyle is part of the mean girls club and Rinna is the president of the club. I wouldn't put it past any of those women to plant the article with radar on line and then blame Lisa. Those women have tried for years to portray Lisa in a bad light. The fact that they would do this to Lisa with all she has gone through is disgusting. The women claim they want Lisa to show up at events but they really don't meant it. They want her there so they can gang up on her and put her down I am watching to see the season thru but if LVP is not on next year I have no reason to watch. Nasty superficial bullies.

  • Amy
    Amy Apr 18, 2019 12:19 PM PDT

    Wow! Really? Kyle can’t see that she did anything wrong? She’s lost her mind if she thinks going to her bff’s house and basically calling her a liar is doing nothing wrong! Lisa tearfully swore on her children’s lives and Kyle still didn’t believe her. She deserved to be thrown out and I don’t blame Lisa for blocking her. ALL the housewives are CRAZY if they think Lisa owes them ANYTHING!

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