Kyle Richards Admits Feuding With Lisa Vanderpump Has Been 'Very Stressful'

Kyle Richards Admits Feuding With Lisa Vanderpump Has Been 'Very Stressful'
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The reality TV celeb opened up about her ‘very stressful’ feud with RHOBH co-star Lisa Vanderpump! Apparently, the two ladies started their drama immediately after season 9 began.

Fans were able to make an idea as to what caused the Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards beef in the premiere episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

That being said, while it appeared to start with a mix-up at Vanderpump Dogs, Lisa’s charity, things escalated soon enough!

That being said, during the premiere episode, things between the two former friends got so bad that Lisa kicked Kyle out of her home!

Now, during a brand new interview with HollywoodLife, Richards got candid about the feud.

‘It was just so crazy right out of the gate. I kept thinking, ‘Is it going to slow down? Are things going to work themselves out?’ But it just stayed that way the whole season which I never had. It was really stressful for everybody in the cast,’ she told the outlet.

When asked if she would be willing to make amends with her nemesis and husband Ken Todd, Kyle explained that: ‘I never intended for it to be that. I went to have a conversation like between two friends, and when it turned horribly wrong I was taken aback, and I never imagined – if I ever thought there was a chance of that happening, things would be different.’

Richards went on to explain that she was only speaking her truth like the show also requires them but that it is difficult, to be honest with friends and people you love since they might not like ‘what you have to say.’

Sure enough, that is what happened between the two Housewives but it sounds like there are chances of reconciliation, if only Lisa is just as willing to forgive and forget!


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