Kyle Massey And His Mom Clap Back At Sexual Assault Accusations Again - There's "No Justice For Men"

Kyle Massey And His Mom Clap Back At Sexual Assault Accusations Again - There's "No Justice For Men"
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This past weekend, the former star of That's So Raven, Kyle Massey, was sued for supposedly sending sexually explicit videos and photographs to a young girl. The alleged victim, 13-years-old, is apparently looking to acquire at least $1.5 million.

Kyle's mother, Angel Massey, took to her social media account afterward to sing her child's praises and say that her son's accuser's mother should know what's right. According to, Angel Massey said the accuser's family, notably, her mother, was a "liar."

On her social media account, she wrote, "the second image of this post from her attorneys to me and Kylie's dad clearly says, 'Kyle sent the picture to Ms. Andreas.'" The supposed victim's last name is noticeably different from that of her mother.

Apparently, Kyle sent the explicit photos to the woman rather than her daughter, but somehow, there seems to have been a mix up of messages. There is also the possibility -  rather the certainty claims Angel Massey - that the woman in question tried to frame Kyle for monetary and vengeful purposes.

Angel, while describing her son, said that his "character speaks and always has spoken for itself." You can check out the Instagram post below:

This all comes after Angel used the hashtag on Instagram, "HeToo," which suggests men are not only the victims of sexual assault and harassment but also false allegations.

"Where is the justice for men?" Angel asked, before going on to say that women get the chance to say whatever they want about men in public but never vice versa.

Kyle, on the other hand, has been a lot more diplomatic on social media, writing that he has faith in the legal process. You can check out his statement, captured by, below:

Massey is just one man to be accused of sexual misconduct. Notably, the allegations seem to have affected Hollywood celebrities, like actors, producers, and executives.

Other stars to face accusations includes Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, and many others. Kevin Spacey, like Harvey Weinstein, is just one of few who has been officially charged.

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