KUWTK: Stormi Webster Tells Kylie Jenner ‘I Love You, Mommy’ In Adorable New Video!

KUWTK: Stormi Webster Tells Kylie Jenner ‘I Love You, Mommy’ In Adorable New Video!
Credit: Source: pinterest.com

Kylie Jenner ’s baby girl, Stormi Webster , is growing up really fast and every time her young billionaire mother posts something of her on social media, she seems more and more intelligent. The latest post coming from the makeup mogul shows the toddler gushing over her, more precisely, telling the youngest of the Jenners that she loves her.

With that being said, you can imagine just how cute the footage really is!

The video starts with Kylie telling the three words first while filming herself on her phone, prompting the 2 year old to respond: ‘I love you!’

Stormi can also be seen sticking her tongue out in an attempt to use a filter only to then sweetly tell her mom again that: ‘I love you, mommy!’

At the time, the toddler was rocking a Stormi World shirt, part of her special birthday collection that she also rocked at her birthday party back in February.

Stormi often breaks the internet with her cuteness and smarts and this was no different judging by all the people flooding the comment section with compliments and melting over the footage.

This also comes after she proved what a fashion icon she already is in a previous post.

Her style was more obvious than ever when she showed off her new $389 toy Lamborghini car that was even emblazoned with the iconic colorful Louis Vuitton logo.

It was no surprise she had it, however, since Kylie loves to get her daughter only brand items.

As she drove around in the size-appropriate the car, Stormi looked like she was already a grown-up.

Of course, she did not need a license but she totally seemed competent to get one already!

Kylie Jenner also acknowledged in the caption that ‘my baby’s not a baby anymore,’ and added several black heart emojis.


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