'KUWTK' Star Kylie Jenner Dealing With Insecurities During Pregnancy -- Travis Scott Is Reportedly Not Home Enough

'KUWTK' Star Kylie Jenner Dealing With Insecurities During Pregnancy -- Travis Scott Is Reportedly Not Home Enough
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Like all pregnant women, Kylie Jenner is experiencing weight gain, and she is having a tough time accepting her new body.

A person close to the Jenner/Kardashian clan explained that since becoming heavier, the makeup maven is feeling insecure.

One of the reasons why the 20-year-old mother-to-be is having a tough time with her new curves is because of her profession.

Miss Jenner makes her money via her makeup line and flaunting her body on Instagram.

Another reason she feels insecure is that her future baby daddy, Travis Scott, is rarely home to reassure her.

The family friend stated: "Kylie is not loving every minute of being pregnant, and she is struggling with Travis being away so much. He is doing everything he can to be supportive, but it is difficult while he is touring. Kylie is been feeling very emotional, and lonely, and she cannot help worrying about what Travis is getting up to on tour.”

It is being claimed that Jenner is also eating her fear and pain away.

The reality star spends countless nights thinking of all the stunning groupies and Instagram models chasing her man.

The source shared: “She has never been the jealous type, but now she finds herself worrying about all the groupies he is surrounded with. Pregnancy is definitely way harder than Kylie imagined it would be, and even though she has not gained a lot of weight, aside from the baby, Kylie cannot wait to get her pre-pregnancy body back again.”

Scott has come up with a solution -- she wants Jenner to go on tour with him.

The insider stated: "Travis is urging Kylie to finish the year on the road touring with him. After their recent trip to Houston together, Travis realized how much he enjoys traveling with Kylie. While he cannot cancel any of his shows, he thought it would be amazing if Kylie joined him touring across the country.”

The source had the following to say: “Travis has been pleading with her, but Kylie will not give him a straight answer, only that she is considering it. This is her first pregnancy, and she simply does not know what to expect.”

Kylie also has to deal with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, who is continually shading her in his music.


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