KUWTK - Scott Disick Shares Memories Of Late Parents With Son Reign

KUWTK - Scott Disick Shares Memories Of Late Parents With Son Reign
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Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Scott Disick recently shared some photos from his childhood with his five-year-old son Reign, and the moment was captured in a KUWTK bonus clip where Disick recalled some memories of his late parents.

In the clip, Disick is flipping through old photo albums with his youngest child and Kim Kardashian , and she prompted Disick to open up about his parents, who he lost a few years back.

“It's really cool, I literally had no idea I had this,” Disick said of the photo albums.

The KKW Beauty mogul pointed out pictures of Disick’s mother Bonnie, who died in late 2013 at the age of 63. Just three months later, Scott’s father Jeffrey passed away.

“Look this was your grandpa. He was so nice,” Kardashian told her nephew. “And your grandma Bonnie, she was so silly. She would have loved you — loved you the best. You know why? Because you’re so silly.”

During his confessional, Disick admitted that he didn’t think he was ready to talk about his family. But now, he realizes that the more he talks about his parents, the more his children will feel connected to them and remember them.

“That’s the only way that they’re gonna ever feel that connection,” said Disick.

In addition to five-year-old Reign, Disick also shares 10-year-old Mason and eight-year-old Penelope with his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian. The father-of-three usually avoids talking about his parents, and he admitted in a May KUWTK episode that it’s “not an easy subject” for him to talk about.

Disick explained that remembering them and thinking about them puts him in a “very vulnerable place.”

After looking through the photo albums with his son, Disick admitted that he was dreading seeing the pics because he thought it would bring out sad memories. However, he is happy that his parents’ friend “Uncle Dave” brought them. He says that the truth is, looking at the photos “brought up so many amazing memories” and things that he forgot.

Scott Disick says it was “super cool” to catch up with Uncle Dave, and he had “an amazing time” reconnecting because he is “literally the only person” who the Talentless founder has in his life who can reference things from years ago.


"I don't know anyone else that's alive,” said Disick.

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