KUWTK: Rob Kardashian Reportedly Ready To Find A 'Meaningful' Romance Following His Transformation!

KUWTK: Rob Kardashian Reportedly Ready To Find A 'Meaningful' Romance Following His Transformation!
Credit: Source: codelist.biz

According to some new insider reports, after dropping so many pounds, Rob Kardashian feels healthy, happy and confident! Not only that but he is also ready to start dating more and wants a ‘meaningful romance.‘

As fans know, the only Kardashian son resurfaced at his sister Khloe Kardashian’s birthday after staying away from the spotlight for years and impressed everyone with his transformation!

Furthermore, in the days that followed, he’s been updating his own platform as well, even sharing a pic that showed how flat his stomach is now.

Obviously, he feels much more comfortable in his skin after dropping the weight and one source also tells HollywoodLife that he is ready to find love as well!

‘Rob hopes that his recent weight loss and just being in such good spirits will be a good thing for his love life. He wants to turn something into a meaningful relationship with somebody soon,’ they dished.

That is not to say that he is actually close to having that at this point.

The insider explained that ‘It is really hard to date now with all the restrictions out there and the celebrity [life] that he has to deal with, but he's talking to his sisters and they're telling him to slip into people’s DMs just to get the ball rolling for himself. They're all looking out for him and if they have any single friends that are interested in Rob, they will not hesitate to help him out. Rob wants to start dating more, he'd love to be in love again and he's working on his options.’

As mentioned before, it would not be surprising at all if he found someone soon.

He sees the progress he’s made through his own hard work so he feels ‘so much better about himself, he is taking care of himself and it really show. His whole outlook's better. He is eating right and living a healthy lifestyle and it has made a big difference in his state of mind.’

If he keeps it up, a very special lady will undoubtedly show up in his life in no time!


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