KUWTK: Kylie Jenner Reveals Her 'Dream Job' She'd Do If She Weren't Famous!

KUWTK: Kylie Jenner Reveals Her 'Dream Job' She'd Do If She Weren't Famous!
Credit: Source: vanityfair.com

Kylie Jenner grew up in the spotlight so it’s hard to even imagine a time where she was not famous! However, what would the makeup mogul do if she weren’t a celebrity followed by more than 200 million people?

During her latest YouTube vlog, Kylie Jenner shared the answer to that question, revealing what her dream job would be if she weren’t the reality TV star and entrepreneur she is today.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star told her subscribers on YouTube that she ‘would want to be a celebrity makeup artist’ which only means that she would work in a similar field!

At the time she revealed this detail, she was in her eye doctor’s office.

Addressing her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, Kylie stressed that ‘I would want to be you.’

Ariel imagined an alternate reality as well, telling Kylie that she would be a pastry chef or a painter if she never became an MUA.

This prompted the Jenner sister to propose a scheme: ‘We should just do this on the side…I should be a makeup artist on the side.’

But it didn’t take Kylie too long to realize that she already is kind of living her dream.

‘I do everyone’s makeup and I live out my dream,’ Kylie noted.

Her MUA went on to tease a future collab for Kylie’s YouTube channel: ‘We need to do the youtube video where we switch places!’

For the second half of the vlog, Kylie Jenner went full glam for the shoot of her leopard-themed video meant to promote her brand new Kylie Cosmetics Leopard Collection.

In the meantime, the collection has already dropped on October 26 and it includes a 15-shadow eye palette as well as ‘High Glosses.’


Much to her fans’ excitement, it appears that Kylie Jenner is back to posting consistently on her YouTube channel.


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