KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Bright Red Hair In Sultry Selfie!

KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her New Bright Red Hair In Sultry Selfie!
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

Kim Kardashian took to her platform of choice to show off her new hair color and it’s fire, as in – it’s bright red! This radical change of look comes not too long after her husband, Kanye West announced that he is running for president and that his wife will be playing a big role in his campaign!

Furthermore, the rapper also just caused more outrage by using his faith to condemn both Planned Parenthood and vaccines, labeling them works of the devil!

In the meantime, as if nothing big was happening in her family, Kim decided to rock bright red locks and post the pic on social media.

Sure enough, she looked as great as ever and actually, the red really suits her!

The mother of four posed for the selfie by holding up the peace sign and pouting.

Her hair was tied up at the back, with the exception of two strands that were framing her face perfectly.

Furthermore, to match her bright, colorful hair, Kim put on an orange cropped shirt that had all buttons except for one, undone!

Finally, Kim lined her eyes dramatically, her long eyelashes also on display.

As mentioned before, the hair experimentation comes only days after she received almost as much criticism as Kanye for supporting his plans to run for president.

All she did was repost his announcement and caption it with the American flag emoji but that was just enough for followers to flood her comment section, outraged.

They wrote things like: ‘Democracy isn't a plaything for all the rich and famous. Real lives are at stake.’ / ‘They do not care. This is all a fame game for them, the consequences of which they will not suffer.’

According to an insider for HollywoodLife, Kim doesn’t really agree with most of what her husband says and does but that doesn’t mean she won’t still support him.

‘Kim will always stand by her husband whether she disagrees or agrees with him,’ and that includes his presidency bid, the source stressed!


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