KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Poses Without Her Wedding Ring Amid Kanye West Divorce Reports!

KUWTK: Kim Kardashian Poses Without Her Wedding Ring Amid Kanye West Divorce Reports!
Credit: Source: lamag.com

Looking at the latest pics Kim Kardashian shared on her social media platform, fans noticed that she no longer wears her wedding ring! This is not really surprising since there have been so many reports that she and husband Kanye West live separate lives at the moment!

For instance, in a photo that showed the reality TV star rocking a brown lingerie set from SKIMS’ new Body Basics line, there was no ring on her finger!

And that was not even the first picture in which she did not wear it!

In the snaps she posted on Christmas Eve, the sparkler was gone as well!

Not to mention that the rapper was absent from these pics as well, suggesting that he was not with his family during the holiday.

This comes amid reports that Kim and Kanye's marriage is pretty much over.

One insider previously told Page Six that 'Divorce is imminent. They are keeping it low key but they're done. Kim's hired Laura Wasser and they're in settlement talks.'

At this point, however, neither Kim, nor Kanye has publicly announced their supposed divorce plans so that remains to be seen if it's true or not.

At the same time, another report by TMZ claims that 'the subject of divorce was looming for much of 2020.'

Kim has allegedly kept lawyer 'Laura Wasser on retainer for years for various reasons,' and she was, as per the source, even 'ready to pull the plug on the marriage at one point.'

However, what ultimately made her change her mind was the thought that it would be 'cruel' to go through with it when Kanye 'was going through a serious bipolar episode.'


There have been many reports claiming that now, Kim and Kanye live separate lives and they are happy with this arrangement, which might mean a divorce is not coming anytime soon!


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