KUWTK: Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Still Going Strong - Here's Why Their Relationship Works!

KUWTK: Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Still Going Strong - Here's Why Their Relationship Works!
Credit: Source: etonline.com

The supermodel and Keeping Up with the Kardashians celeb likes to keep all of her relationships as private as possible so the public very rarely hears anything about who she's dating and how it's going. Thankfully, fans are able to find out more about Kendall Jenner 's love life via insiders and this time was no exception.

As you might have heard, Kendall is reportedly dating Devin Booker at this time and one new source told ET that they are going strong!

They also explained why their romance works so well, claiming that it's 'because they keep it simple. There are not any huge expectations or crazy commitments on either side. They've gotten a lot closer, but Kendall’s schedule's particularly busy and Devin is really understanding of that.'

The same source went on to also mention that the 25 year old model 'is also very much her own individual and she likes her off time with her family and friends and just having her space.'

With that being said, it sounds like Devin Booker is totally understanding of that and offers Kendall all the space and time she wants.

The supermodel and the NBA player were first linked together back in August when they were seen going to celebrity hot spot Nobu in Malibu, California to enjoy some dinner together.

While they were not just by themselves, being accompanied by pal D'Angelo Russell, Kylie Jenner and a few other friends, the romantic vibes were apparently pretty apparent in their case.

Not to mention that fans were already suspicious that they might be dating since they got a bit flirty on social media before the dinner outing.


Around that time, another insider told ET that they were not, however dating or even just hooking up!
Based on the more recent reports, it sounds like that's definitely changed!


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