KUWTK: Intruder Arrested After Breaking Into Kendall Jenner's Home And Swimming In Her Pool - Details!

KUWTK: Intruder Arrested After Breaking Into Kendall Jenner's Home And Swimming In Her Pool - Details!
Credit: Source: teenvogue.com

According to new reports, an intruder managed to breach Kendall Jenner 's security and proceeded to swim naked in her swimming pool! It seems like the supermodel was home at the time.

TMZ was the first to report about the scary break-in.

Apparently, the man entered her house and started yelling her name while knocking on windows.

Thankfully, her home security was alerted and Kendall remained safe.

But that was not all! The same news outlet also reported that the man even used her pool, not before taking all of his clothes off.

Finally, the intruder was detained by the KUWTK's security and after that, the police showed up at the scene, arresting the man.

TMZ also mentioned that he spent no more than 6 hours in custody due to the pandemic protocols put in place.

Allegedly, to protect herself from any future incidents like this one, Kendall is adding more security detail to her house and she is even seriously considering actually moving to another place.

As fans know, this is not the first time Kendall Jenner goes through a situation like this.

The model was previously granted a restraining order against a man who would stalk and even threaten her life!

In 2018, there was another break-in and that man was arrested as well.

Kendall lives in a gated community which means that some of the other residents pay an extra fee for better security but as it seems, scary things like these keep happening anyway.

There is no doubt that the Jenner loves her home a lot since she put so much passion and personality into decorating it to suit her taste.


Back in September, she did a tour of the property for AD and stated that 'This is the first home I've done completely, and I think it's a genuine reflection of who I am and what I like. In the end, I'm still a young female in L.A., just trying to have some fun.'


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