KUWTK: Here's How Kim Kardashian Feels About Dating Again After Filing For Divorce From Kanye West!

KUWTK: Here's How Kim Kardashian Feels About Dating Again After Filing For Divorce From Kanye West!
Credit: Source: etonline.com

It's true that Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from Kanye West and now she is free to find love again with someone else. However, that is not to say that's what she wants at this point!

One insider report claims that the reality TV star is not ready to get back on the dating scene.

Instead of looking for her next man, the KUWTK celeb is focusing on her kids and on her career, and dating is not even on her mind at this point!

Kim and Kanye have been living separate lives for a while but it still hasn't been too long compared to the 7 years that they spent together.

As a result, the mother of four is still very much adjusting to the single life without her rapper husband.

One insider told HollywoodLife that 'Kim is still adjusting to the idea of being single, dating again is very far off, she’s nowhere near ready. Right now, it’s all about her kids, just making sure they are doing good and adjusting well to the new normal. She’s also very busy with work and school, she has so much on her plate there’s hardly a free moment.'

On the other hand, the same source stressed that Kim's close pals have been encouraging her to take more time for herself.

After all, 'Kim has a very tight circle of friends and they’re all stepping up to be there for her. And when the time comes that she does want to date everyone is going to be jumping to try and set her up but as of now that time is still very far off. First things first, she wants to get through her divorce and heal from this.'

In the meantime, Kim has been having a bit more fun with her close friends as well, going out to party.

The insider mentioned that she really enjoyed their latest outing and she might start to go out more often but it won't be a regular thing.

Kim is just too dedicated of a mother and businesswoman and she would rather put those two things at the top of the priority list instead!


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