KUWK: Tristan Thompson Plans To Win Back Khloe Kardashian - Inside His Plan!

KUWK: Tristan Thompson Plans To Win Back Khloe Kardashian - Inside His Plan!
Credit: Source: popculture.com

The basketball player’s NBA season is nearly over and so, rumor has it that he is finally ready to try and make it up to Khloe Kardashian after cheating on her – again! Following the Jordyn Woods scandal, it seemed like Tristan Thompson was simply not interested in fixing things with his baby mama but now, one insider report claims he was just a bit too busy for that.

Allegedly, True’s father is planning a romantic vacation as soon as the NBA season ends and hopes to win back Khloe.

Convincing her to go as a family would not be difficult at all since the Kardashian really wants him to spend as much time as possible with their baby daughter.

Once on their getaway, he can turn on his charms or even beg Khloe to give him another chance.

At least that is what the insider is suggesting.

They told HollywoodLife that ‘The reality of everything he's losing with Khloe and True is now sinking in for Tristan, it's hitting him hard. He has realized he does not want to lose his family. He knows it'll be a hard battle but he's up for the challenge of getting Khloe to forgive him. He has already started laying the groundwork.’

‘He’s been calling Khloe a lot more. He will FaceTime with True and then use the chance to talk to Khloe too,’ the source added.

Since the Cavaliers were so bad this year without LeBron James that they were not even close to entering the playoffs, he will have nothing but time to try and win back his baby mama once the regular season ends on April 9!

As for his plan, he apparently wants ‘to get her to go away for a romantic vacation with him. He really wants to show her how sorry he is.’


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