KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With Khloe Kardashian Once Again - Compliments Her ‘Fit’ Body!

KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With Khloe Kardashian Once Again - Compliments Her ‘Fit’ Body!
Credit: Source: who.com.au

He’s not giving up, is he? Despite insider reports insisting that Khloe Kardashian is not interested in reconciling with her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson continues to flirt on social media!

Fans believe they might actually be back together in secret and who can blame them?

After all, the basketball player continues to leave flirty comments under the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s posts!

This time around, it all started with Khloe posting a pic featuring herself in a white corset top and slacks.

Seeing the snap, Tristan could not help but rave over it in a simple but still obvious way.

He took to the comment section to leave a couple of fire emojis and the word ‘fit!’

And since this is not the first time he compliments her so openly without Khloe blocking him on social media, many believe they are back together, secretly!

Here are a few of the reactions coming from her followers: ‘The sad thing is they are probably back together.’ / ‘I think so too. He wouldn’t be commenting so often.’ / ‘I really hope she is smarter than this. But if not I then I will not feel sorry for her when he screws her over next time. She deserves way better than him.’ / ‘I see what you are doing here weasel.’ / ‘You better leave her be. She looks great…without you in the pic.’

On the other hand, there were some people who cheered on Tristan and who are actually hoping for a reunion: ‘So are you going to ask her out or what?’ / ‘Go get your girl back! Love wins! Nothing happens overnight.’ / ‘Get your girl back.’ / ‘IDK why but I think Khloe still loves Tristan.’


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