KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With His Ex Khloe Again - Calls Her A 'Beautiful Diamond!'

KUWK: Tristan Thompson Flirts With His Ex Khloe Again - Calls Her A 'Beautiful Diamond!'
Credit: Source: mirror.co.uk

At this point in time, the two are nothing more than co-parents to their daughter, True. However, it becomes more and more apparent that Tristan Thompson could be wanting to reconcile with Khloe Kardashian judging by his flirting.

This would be the second time in days that he leaves a flirty comment under one of her pictures.

This time around, he called the KUWK star a ‘beautiful diamond’ when she shared a cute selfie.

Khloe posted a photo that showed her enjoying the sunshine while a beautiful rainbow could be seen bouncing off of the camera lens.

Seeing the stunning picture, it turns out that the basketball player could not help but gush over his ex once again.

‘May you have the courage to explore every dream you dream,’ the caption reads.

As for Thompson’s comment, he said: ‘The sun is shining bright on a beautiful diamond.’

That was not subtle in the slightest! It’s clear that he is shooting his shot at the mother of his child, hoping she takes him back despite cheating on the reality TV star twice!

Fans totally noticed and some roasted Tristan while others were actually more worried that Khloe could end up falling for his smooth words and actually give him a third chance!

Here are few such comments from Khloe’s fans: ‘He really trying hard 🙄.’ / ‘It’s toxic men season huh?’ / ‘I hope she dont [sic] go back to this fool…😢.’ / ‘She gonna fall right back in his trap lmao. Whew chile.’ / ‘God if this what love is, I’m good 😭.’

This new flirty comment comes after he also called her ‘perfection’ not even a week ago.


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