KUWK: Tori Spelling Says Kim Kardashian Almost Starred On ‘BH90210!’ 

KUWK: Tori Spelling Says Kim Kardashian Almost Starred On ‘BH90210!’ 
Credit: Source: youtube.com

Kim Kardashian was apparently almost part of the BH90210 revival and that would have been great since she is a huge fan! She nearly landed a role alongside her pal, Lala Anthony, says Tori Spelling.

Tori revealed this fun detail while on Boston’s Mix 104.1!

She told hosts Karson and Kennedy that ‘We had talked in developing when we were writing that it would be fun to have [Kim] on an episode because she is working to become a lawyer in real life. We had a role for a lawyer so we thought that would be fun to have her play it! We love opportunities to do some great stunt casting and make it fun for everyone to watch!’

And since Kim’s late dad, Robert Kardashian used to be a really successful lawyer in Beverly Hills, it’s safe to say the role would have been the perfect fit for the KUWK star.

As you may know, Kim has actually mentioned before that she was far from against the idea.

In fact, she was very open to it since she proclaimed that she was a big fan of the show.

So, when asked if she’d like to make a guest appearance at some point, she excitedly told Entertainment Tonight: ‘I’m there! I am there, just because 90210, to me, was my childhood. I used to just beg my dad for this 90210 sweatshirt. I wish I still had it.’

When the reboot was announced, Kim took to her platform to tweet about it, saying that: ‘I am so ready for this! Having a 90210 area code growing up while the show was on literally was everything!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!’


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