KUWK: The Kardashians Thought They Just Had To Celebrate Scott Disick's Birthday For This Sweet Reason!

KUWK: The Kardashians Thought They Just Had To Celebrate Scott Disick's Birthday For This Sweet Reason!
Credit: Source: stylecaster.com

Scott Disick’s split from Sofia Richie happened sometime before his birthday but that did not mean that he spent the special day sad and alone. As you probably know by now, the Kardashians threw him a surprise birthday party after also taking him along with them on a trip!

But, according to a source close to the reality TV clan, there was no way they weren’t going to celebrate him so this was not really a huge surprise.

The insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘They are the only family Scott really has, and they don’t take that lightly. He has been having a tough time, so it was important to them to get together to show him their love and to PROVE him how much he matters to them.' So sweet!

The one to document the party they threw for Scott was none other than Kylie Jenner!

The young billionaire took to her platform to share several pics from the event, one showing her and daughter Stormi while another showed the makeup mogul giving the birthday boy a hug.

In the caption, she wrote: ‘yesterday celebrating [Scott Disick].’

The mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian, was, of course, at the party as well, alongside the young ones, but she did not share any pics in which she was posing with her ex.

Instead, she shared one of her and sister Kylie at the bash!

Judging by all the posts from other members of the KarJenner family, the other kids were also in attendance!

Previously, another source told the same site that Kourtney taking Scott and the kids to Canyon Point, Utah was ‘a very last minute decision and it wasn’t planned as a birthday trip for Scott, but it turned into that. The kids all love celebrating birthdays, so it was very fun for them too.’


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  • Angela Williamson
    Angela Williamson May 28, 2020 7:12 PM PDT

    I think before it is all said and done, Kourtney and Scott will get back together. They had already talked about what if we break up, and we stay single until.....She is single and ready to mingle with Scott again.

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