KUWK: Scott Disick Very ‘Grateful’ Kourtney Agreed To Bring Sofia Richie Along On Their Family Vacation

KUWK: Scott Disick Very ‘Grateful’ Kourtney Agreed To Bring Sofia Richie Along On Their Family Vacation
Credit: Source: people.com

As fans of KUWK know, exes Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick recently had one of their family vacations together, but this time around, there was something out of the ordinary – Scott’s model girlfriend Sofia Richie also joined them! Now, one insider report claims that the man is very grateful that the mother of his three children agreed to let his young lover come along to their pre-holiday trip to Mexico.

One source shared with HollywoodLife how Scott managed to get the two women to play nice while hanging out with him at the same time – in bikinis!

Considering the many insider reports suggesting he’s in love, or at least very attracted to both Kourtney and Sofia, this trip must have been like heaven for him!

‘Scott had to ask Kourtney’s permission to bring Sofia along and was surprised she said OK. Scott's loving being with the children, having Kourtney with him and also having his girlfriend with him as well. He feels like he's having the best of both worlds, the two women he loves together with him for the holidays. He's happy, and he feels grateful Kourtney is mature, tolerant and kind to Sofia,’ the source explained to the news outlet.

They went on to explain that ‘It's been Sofia’s dream to build a relationship with Kourtney and she couldn’t be happier now that it happened. Sofia had been pleading with him for months to help bridge the gap between her and Kourtney. Sofia made an effort to win Kourtney over by just being herself, proving how much she cares about the children and Scott.’

Apparently, Kourtney was surprised to realize how much she bonded with the model who made an actual effort to interact with her and was really sweet.

All in all, Scott was very happy to see that happen.


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