KUWK: Rob Kardashian 'Relieved' Over Not Having To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support!

KUWK: Rob Kardashian 'Relieved' Over Not Having To Pay Blac Chyna Child Support!
Credit: Source: vibe.com

It looks like Rob and Chyna are making peace, all for the sake of their beloved daughter, Dream! One new insider report claims the Kardashian and his baby mama have managed to reach a final custody agreement under the assistance of a retired private judge and their lawyers.

As a result, ‘They agreed to split custody 50/50 but it's true that Rob will have Dream more of the time.’

And that is not all! As it turns out, ‘Rob no longer has to pay Chyna $20k a month’ either!

This comes after the Kardashian son filed documents in which he claimed he was unable to pay that massive sum of money since he was struggling financially.

Now, the parents agreed to ‘each pay for what Dream needs when either one of them has the child for custodial time and other expenses (school, medical and other) will be split evenly. Rob is relieved about this whole situation. He wants what is best for Dream.’

It sounds like things between Rob and Blac Chyna are going much better than usual after they spent a whole year battling it out in court over the custody of their daughter Dream.

The fact that they managed to agree with one another and choose a fair custody system is proof enough they have made peace.

Another clue they are not at war anymore is the fact that earlier this month, on Rob’s birthday, Chyna did not forget to wish him a ‘Happy birthday.’

A month before that, Rob also tweeted: ‘Angela and I are both actively co-parenting and there are no pending or active custody cases,’ with his ex adding: ‘Robert and I only concern is what is in the best interest of our daughter we both equally love. Robert's a wonderful father to our Dreamy!’


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  • Kc
    Kc Apr 20, 2019 1:14 AM PDT

    Boy Blac Chyna really messed up her money.If she hadn't been beating people with strollers,and going out the country with crazy guys who beat her and abused children,then she would still be getting her money.She is really dumb for agreeing to this.Had it been a white women,she would have fought tooth and nail for that child support.They don't play about their money.Smh! Now Chyna got two kids by rich guys,yet she's behind on her rent.There's nothing wrong with getting child support,and we all know Rob was hiding money.That's why he sold part of his sock business to his mom.She just better hope she doesn't go broke now.I read somewhere that she is worth 3 million dollars.That is not a lot for celeb living in Cali with two celeb kids who will need nannies,more security,private school etc.

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